Meeting Topic & Place
Pam Anastasi, Our District Governor
Oct 24, 2019 12:00 PM
Rotary Connects the World
Kara Jeter, Friendship Works
Nov 21, 2019 12:00 PM
Ending Elder Isolation, Creating Connections
Karen Jacobs, BU Professor and Rotaract Advisor, and Susan Rack, District Rotaract Liaison,  joined Haley Cerretani, BU Rotaract President, for her first meeting of the year at Sargent College in October.  There was a large turn-out for this first meeting and an ambitious calendar was announced by the Executive Committee beginning with this coming Sunday's Brookline Day.  Both Rotaractors and BU Occupational Therapy student will be at the annual event to demonstrate proper back pack packing to families as a community service.  Way to go, Rotaractors! and we wish Haley and her Executive team a great year.
For the 8th year, Brookline Rotary participated in the annual Brookline Day festivities at Lars Anderson Park on September 22, 2019.  Each year this event draws families from all over Brookline to enjoy a day of fun, music and games and to introduce them to businesses and organizations that support our community.  The weather was beautiful, and BU Rotaract staffed the Brookline Rotary table.  They were providing the important service of showing families the proper way to pack back packs to avoid injury to young, developing bodies.
Once more Brookline Rotary joined the Brookline High School Sophomore parents as we welcomed the class of 2022 to BHS.  Neither weather nor construction could hold back the enthusiasm of parents, staff, faculty, students and Rotarians.  All 900 participants were fed in one chaotic, lively seating!
2019 was a stellar year for our Back Pack program.  Brookline Rotary was able to fill 40 backpacks for low income families thanks to the generosity of our members!  Eastern Service Workers and Steps to Success were our two community partners and beneficiaries.  35 of the backpacks were filled with supplies for high school students and 5 were filled with art supplies for younger students.  Feeling filled with a sense of accomplishment and pizza, everyone went home satisfied at a job well done.  Thanks to all our donors and our volunteers!