Brookline, Massachusetts


Speaker Date Topic
Alison Steinfeld Oct 18, 2018
Update from Brookline Department of Planning and Development

Not only is this an election year but a lot has been going on in Brookline in both commercial and residential sectors.  Hear from Brookline's Director of Planning and Development on what's happening and what is planned for Brookline.

Laurel Simmons Nov 01, 2018
Monitoring Health Care; What is Quality Health Care and How Are We Doing

Program Director at the Institute for Health Care Improvement, a private non-profit group that has been working for 25 years to imrpove the health of inidivuals and populations.

Margaret Minsky Nov 15, 2018
Haptics: The Tactile Interface between Computers and Humans (Smart Clothing)

An emerging technology that provides force-feedback and tactile sensations to users as they interact with a virtual object

George Chaplain Dec 06, 2018
Common Threads across religions at This Time of Year