Four Brookline teens joined 200 other rising sophomores from 50 Rotary clubs in District 7910 in a three day week-end to develop leadership skills.  The week-end involved small and large interactive groups designed with the help of previous RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) recipients to teach team work, decision making, service ideals, and other skills.  The four teens are chosen each year with the help of Brookline High School Guidance staff.  Teens selected to represent Brookline are seen as demonstrating some leadership potential but are not currently leaders.  This year's Brookline award winners included Darly Boit, Candace Gardner, Miles Hart, and Tyson Klaus.  Joining Brookline Rotarian Susan Rack and the 2019 team at graduation ceremonies is Richard Desir, Brookline 2017 RYLA recipient and a 2019 Student Program Co-ordinator.