Rotary is assisting a family in need and looking for pretty much any and all house hold items that are in good condition. 
If you can help by providing any of the items below, please bring them to the VFW Post and we will see that they get to the family.  We have not seen the apartment so we are not sure if they can accommodate the small appliances but if you have any of them, we can always use them.
Gift certificates are welcome to Target, Walmart BB&B for linens and other items.
6 pasta bowls
flatware – service for 8 (mostly sold as 2 sets of 4 in homegoods and costco, etc )
sugar bowl
measuring cups
measuring spoons
assortment of wooden spoons, spatulas, cooking utensils for non/stick.
Sheet pan
Knives – or knife block w/assorted sizes
Pot holders, variant of ziplocks   (might be getting those donated)
wooden cutting board
2 wastebaskets (might be getting those donated)
dish drain
clock or clock radio
light bulbs and batteries
*toaster  or toaster oven
*food processor
*electric mixer?  Not sure
*rice cooker
*possibly pressure cooker
paper pads
pens, pencils, and markers
night light
safe extension cords
iron and ironing board
scotch tape and other tape
handyman kit – hammer, pliers, few choices screwdrivers
possibly small microwave depending on space.