alt_text The Brookline News is an exciting initiative that is part of a trend across the country designed to address the local news media gap as local newspapers have closed.  
The new Brookline News is an attempt to try to address the gap and the 1st e-issue of the Brookline News was sent the week of April 10th.  A full website of news and features is anticipated to launch in late May.
Sam Mintz, the newly hired Editor of the Brookline News presented at Rotary on April 13th. With the closure of the Brookline TAB, Brookline lost a vehicle for community building and sharing local news.
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Great News! Brookline.News published its first e-newsletter the week of April 10. A full website of news and features is anticipated to launch in late May.

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Thanks to nearly 200 donors and counting, they are thrilled to be able to launch a consistent, journalistically reported, independent source of local news for Brookline. If you want to support this effort and have not done so already, please donate.

Experienced local and national journalist joins team

The new editor is Sam Mintz, a Massachusetts native and experienced journalist who has spent his career reporting on both local and national news. Sam worked at the Cape Cod Times, covering local government, crime, business and culture. He also spent five years in Washington, D.C. covering Congress and federal agencies for E&E News and Politico. Since returning to Boston in 2021, he has written about climate, energy, transportation, and housing issues in Massachusetts for several outlets including RTO Insider, StreetsBlog and Commonwealth Magazine.

Sam grew up in Arlington, Mass. and attended Brandeis University. He now lives in the Cleveland Circle area. When he’s not hunched over a computer writing, Sam loves to be outside playing soccer, running or biking. Sam’s first official day as founding editor is in early April. Welcome, Sam!

More local news coverage

With the demise of the print edition of the Brookline Tab a year ago, Brookline no longer has a consistent, independent source reporting on the town’s politics, schools, housing and development plans, and no consistent local coverage of Brookline’s many events and rich civic and cultural life.

We want to thank all of our donors for making it possible to take this next step in bringing consistent, quality local journalism to Brookline. But please realize: Brookline.News is a totally non-profit venture. There will be no paywall preventing you from getting that news as soon as we publish it. But that also means we are reliant on gifts large and small to make this venture possible.

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