Super Bowl Sunday is February 13th!  Eastern Service Workers Association of Boston (ESWA) is holding their annual Tamale fundraiser!  
Order your choice of delicious chicken or vegan tamales to enhance your Super Bowl event.
Order by Thursday February 10 for delivery on Sunday February 13.  Call 617-265-9200.
$20 for a dozen, $10 for a half dozen.  Cash or check please, made out to ESWA.  You can pay the delivery driver.
Want to help make them? Volunteers are needed Thursday and Friday, Feb. 10-11.  Call Dawn at 617-265-9200 to sign up.

If you want tamales for your Super Bowl Party, they’ll provide ‘em. They’ll even deliver ‘em. Suggested donation is ten dollars for half a dozen, twenty dollars for a dozen, with all the proceeds going to people who’ll need food, blankets, heaters, and winter clothing to make it from Super Bowl Sunday to Opening Day and beyond.

And if you want to roll your sleeves up and get involved in the preparation of the tamales, there will be a place for you at that table.

The Eastern Service Workers Association operates three hundred sixty five days a year, volunteering to help the lowest-paid workers in the community, many of whom have recently become unemployed. They’re at 247 Bowdoin Street in Dorchester, and you can reach them by calling 617-265-9200.  Learn more about ESWA