As always, in easy times and difficult times, Brookline Rotary's mission is to serve and to help solve local and world problems.  There has never been a time like this, but like other non-profit organizations, we are here to help our community.  For those who missed the town meting this morning, here are a few key points through my filter:
  • The site for all town stats, updates, volunteer opportunities, and facts is  
  • Many of our non-profit and government partners are working hard to implement plans to secure community health and the well-being of all our neighbors. Rather than duplicate and divide, we can work with them.  All activities are listed on the town website.
  • BIG is televising many events and meetings in town.
  • Organizations, including the food pantry, are seeking donations of cash and not goods.  The Food Pantry for example can buy five times the amount of goods for the dollar that we can through their wholesalers -- a $20 donation buys $100 worth of food.
  • There is a town website that is trying to match those in need with volunteers and those wishing to volunteer please write to
  • Whenever possible, please support local businesses rather than buying from Amazon.
  • Don't forget to complete your 2020 census on line.
Stay well and hope to see everyone on line tomorrow.