On March 29 Richard Segan was installed as a new member of the Brookline Rotary.  Richard has worked for many years as a volunteer with the Brookline Sister City Project.  He worked with Elmon Hendrickson (President 2016-17) and Claudia Dell'Anno (President 2017-18) and Susan Rack to create a Global Grant for Quezalgueque, Nicaragua, to bring clean water to the village.  Brookline Rotary partnered with the nearby Rotary Club in Nicaragua and with The Rotary Foundation to design and fund the project.  Richard is on his way to Nicaragua to oversee the initiation of the work.  We look forward to working with Richard on this and future projects both with Nicaragua and with Brookline and many other worthy causes.
Richard Segan, Claudia Dell'Anno, Elmon Hendrickson