Contact: Joyce Graff
United States of America
Soul Witness, a project of Brookline's own Harvey Bravman, has produced two panel discussions, one with survivors and one with the Directors of the Anti-Defamation League, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Fortunoff Archives for Holocaust Testimonies, and the Holocaust Center for Pittsburgh.
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The event will be available on January 27,  International Holocaust Remembrance Day starting at noon on  After that, the discussions on all Brookline Interactive Group channels, Soul Witness YouTube, and
Next week on Soul Witness YouTube we will be running clips of survivors from the Brookline Holocaust Witness Project from 30+ years ago talking about what Holocaust remembrance meant to them at the time they gave their testimonies. 
Soul Witness available International Holocaust Remembrance week for a $1 min donation to our nonprofit.
Brookline, Facing Civil Rights is available for a $1 min nonprofit donation to the Brookline Community Foundation's Safety Net Fund.

R. Harvey Bravman