Contact: Joyce Graff
United States of America

Brookline Rotary Club and friends will gather Thursday evening, July 14, 2022, in the garden behind Elias Audy's home to thank Elias for his year of service as President of Brookline Rotary (2021-22) and to welcome and install President Marina Brodskaya for the new year 2022-2023.

Dinner will be served.  In-person attendees, please pay a fee of $15 per person for dinner.  There is no charge to attend via Zoom.

The in-person gathering will begin at 6 pm.  Dinner will be served.  Once everyone is served and seated, the Hybrid portion of the meeting will begin.

The Program will begin at 7 pm. Online attendees will be admitted from the Waiting Room into the Zoom session a few minutes before 7 pm.  Online attendees are asked to be patient with any delays in opening the Program.  Thank you.

Register here to attend in person or online