Brookline, Massachusetts

Kathy Bisbee re BIG

Kathy Bisbee of BIGKathy Bisbee, Executive Director of the Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), addressed Brookline Rotary.  She outlined the many programs and services BIG provides to the schools and the community, and asked for our help.
Subsequently several Rotarians testified at the Town hearings for the renewal of Comcast support for BIG.  The top requests were
  • for continued funding for BIG from Comcast
  • for provision of High Definition (HD) broadcast support from Comcast as there is now from RCN. BIG recors in HD and then steps down the quality to meet the requirements of Comcast.
  • for provision of program listings in the online program listings from Comcast.  Currently local programming is not carried in the online program guide.
  • for more provision of subtitles for people with hearing impairments and describe audio for people with visual impairments.

Brookline is officially an "age-friendly" town.

The World Health Organization’s network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities has accepted Brookline as its first New England member, joining eight other cities in the country and more than 100 around the world.

The communities in the network are committed to creating inclusive and accessible urban environments to benefit their aging populations, according to the World Health Organization.

Not only would BIG continue to provide rich multi-media services to the schools, these enhancements to the BIG capabilities would go a long way to helping our senior population participate more fully in Town affairs, and continue their engagement in Town actiities.