This is a quick note, with a big thank you to all who came in the dramatic weather and dove into the litter brigade. We had more than 70 people join us and at the end we had around 40 large bags of garbage collected. For more PHOTOS you can go to our KEEPclub website if you  CLICK HERE
We had students, siblings, parents, grandparents and faculty from our Driscoll community. We had members of Mothers Out Front, the Brookline Rotary Club, the B.U. Rotaract Club, our Brookline DPW and we even met a group of law school students from Boston College who had seen the link and showed up! 
Phoebe Hyde made sure we had zones mapped out and plenty of yard gloves and trash grabbers, the Rotary Club provided us with snacks and families came dressed and ready to dig in. 
I am thinking about creating kits so classes, groups and families can borrow them (like a library book) to head out and do some outdoor fun and work. 
I am also interested in gathering an analysis from our litter brigade groups around what they mostly saw. For example, along with styrofoam I noticed many nip bottles and plastic flossers... 
I look forward to our future outdoor 'Do good - feel good' events. 
Ms. Stark aka Francesca 
Driscoll School, Fifth Grade KEEP Club
"KEEP our Environment Clean"