On January 4th, Joyce Graff, Sharon Herman and Susan Rack, all of the Rotary Club of Brookline, joined 59 other Rotary Volunteers from the US, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Australia, along with the four Rotary Clubs of Agra for the 2018 Mega Polio Campaign. 
Though India is Polio free since 2016, they share a border with Pakistan, which is not polio free, and are acutely aware that they must keep up with immunizations.  Rotary, the Indian Health Department and World Health Organization have done a wonderful job educating the citizens and locals were eager to come out and meet the ‘visitors’ and get their immunizations.  The entire three days was upbeat, invigorating and completely rewarding.  In one day, we immunized 160,000 to 200,000 children and were made to feel like heroes.
During our trip, we were also shown two local schools that Rotary has adopted and visited an orphanage in Nepal that is supported by Rotary.  The need is great in these communities, from shoes to sanitation to furniture, and the work that Rotary is doing to help this next generation that is so deprived of what we consider basics is amazing.  Please join us at our regular weekly meeting on Thursday 2/15/18 at noon for our tales of adventure and bring a friend.