Brookline brought home three awards from the District!
The Brookline contingent (L to R): Laurde, Marina, Joyce, Susan, Indira, George, Eddy, Bernard, Elias
At this year's Foundation Dinner -- the first in-person Foundation Dinner since the start of the pandemic -- clubs were honored for their participation in The Rotary Foundation - the largest and most respected charitable foundation in the world, one of two non-governmental organizations (NGO's) to have a non-voting seat on the United Nations in recognition of the importance of our work world-wide.  
Brookline took home three awards: for the highest donation to Polio-Plus, 100% participation by members of at least $100, and highest per-person donations.
Anyone can donate to The Rotary Foundation at
Donations to Polio-Plus go specifically to the cause of eliminating the polio virus from the planet, once and for all. 
Help us eradicate polio!