Brookline Rotary is commencing its first service projects of the new term and COVID 19 is affording us even more opportunities and challenges to serve our community that usual.  
  • ​​​​​​​We are taking advantage of the Kellogg Feeding Reading Program to provide free children's books to local family shelters.  This project involves simply purchasing qualified Kellogg products while at the grocery store, which the company exchanges for free children's books.  Details below
  • Time for our annual "School Back Pack Project".  Once again members and friends can purchase school supplies themselves or send money to the club and we will shop for you.  This year we will not gather to put the supplies together but will deliver them to our local partners for distribution.  Though the where and how of school may still be uncertain, students will still need paper and pencils, and school supplies may be the last item on stressed families' "to-buy list".  These items may be small but they mean a lot to these students.
We of Brookline Rotary learned Monday of the passing of our devoted member Allen "Red" MacPherson. Red was a former Club President (and held many other offices) over many years. He will be remembered as an enthusiastic friend to all as well as a model Rotarian.  He owned Phillips TV & Stereo. At the personal level, Red embodied the Rotary motto of Service Above Self, as over the years he fixed things for us, sold us what we needed (and only what we needed), and was always good for an unplanned stop-in visit and chat. How he survived those minesweeper years - especially the nuclear tests - I'll never know. Perhaps God had better plans for him, and for the rest of us, by preserving the gift that was Red MacPherson. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. -- George Chapman, Brookline Rotary President
On June 4th, Brookline Rotary will begin a series of speakers we are calling "One World/One Rotary", whereby we will visit with a fellow Rotarian from a different country.  It is at this unique time in history, with the entire globe experiencing the same pandemic, that our membership in Rotary International, presents us with a singular opportunity to hear from other, like minded individuals, experiencing a similar threat in a different place.  As we have learned through our work with polio and with COVID 19,  illnesses are but a plane ride away.  We are all best served by knowing what is happening elsewhere and hearing about best practices wherever they may occur.  We would not be members in Rotary, if we did not believe in joining forces to solve issues and in helping others.
We have asked each speaker to address: the situation in their country, how their government/communities are handling the situation, and what their Rotary clubs are doing to stay true to our mission of service during this time of pandemic.  Please check our calendar on the website for the list of speakers and the country they represent.  Also, please share this with your friends and family.  All are welcome. 
It was family coming home this past Thursday when long time members, Susan Howards and Rita McNally, joined us to talk about Susan's local, cable show entitled, The Safety Net, and the topic of domestic violence in the days of COVID 19.  Both Susan and Rita reinforced Governor Baker's concern for the increased incidence of domestic violence.  Brookline has an established anti-domestic violence program that has ramped up in recent weeks to try to address the increased incidences. 
See this presentation and others on the Brookline Rotary YouTube Channel
Key phone numbers from the Brookline Domestic Violence Round Table Resource Guide During COVID-19 (updated 4/13/20):