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“More than ever, our community must stand together against antisemitism, racism and all forms of hatred.” -- Brookline Community Foundation.  We could not have said it better.  Peace to all.
Tis the season and tis Rotary so that means Brookline Rotary is doing what we do best and helping out.  On Tuesday, 12/4/18, Brookline Rotary joined Boston University Rotaract club at their Healthy Cooking Class with Women and Girls Thriving in Brookline.  BU Rotaract has been meeting with Women and Girls for two years now as they cook healthy meals together every two/three months.  The group has bonded over menus that encourage healthy and simple recipes, stories of each other's lives and lots of laughter.
On Thursday, 12/13/18, the club will hold its annual Yankee Swap but this year with a twist.  Along with each grab gift, each member is being asked to contribute 2 dozen cookies for a thank you to some very special Brookline neighbors.  All members and families welcome.  For more information contact Marina Brodskaya, Service Chair.  Meeting is held at the VFW Post on Washington St.
Due to inclement weather, Purple Pinky Day will be rescheduled to a later date.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile we ran a video presentation in the window of the Brookline Bank at Coolidge Corner all weekend!  Many thanks to the Brookline Bank.
    On Sunday, Sept 24th, BU Rotaract staffed the Boston Rotary club table at Brookline Day.  A wonderful event for families Brookline Rotary has been participating for years.  This year for the second time, the Rotaractors, many of whom are Occupational Therapy students, demonstrated the proper way to pack a back pack to avoid injury.  For many school children, heavy back packs have become a concern given the strain they put on growing bones.  The students were a big success with attendees at Brookline Day.  Well done Rotaract!  
Great meeting yesterday as members partnered with Steps to Success and Eastern Service Workers to pack school backpacks with needed school supplies.  Thanks to the generosity of our members 30 students will start school with pencils, pens, notebooks, and much more.  Our member and resident Occupational Therapist, Karen Jacobs, made sure all packs were packed in an manner to ensure student safety with the heaviest items along the back of the packs.  Occupational Therapy students and BU Rotaract will be with Brookline Rotary at Brookline Day at Lars Anderson Park on 9/23 to share these packing tips with all Brookline student and parents.  The club is scheduled to do four of these service projects during our meetings this coming year.  Non-members are welcome to join us.  Check the calendar for dates and projects.
On June 3, 2018, several members of Brookline Rotary attended the Annual Brookline High School Scholarship Breakfast.  This has become a wonderful Brookline tradition acknowledging our very impressive BHS graduates.  The class of 2018 was as outstanding as past graduates and Brookline Rotary is proud to join Scott Butchart (see story on page 2), his team at the High School, Brookline Community Foundation and the other scholarship donors in honoring these amazing young people.  Donors are seated with the recipients and Brookline Rotary had the pleasure of meeting Shahar Hartman, one of our recipients.  Shahar was heading off to Washington DC the following week to receive a Congressional Gold Medal Award in addition to his awards on the third.  Missing from the photo is Bo Winiker who raised the $100,000 to endow scholarships held by the Brookline Community Foundation.  Present are Claudia Dell'Anno, Club President, Shahar, Susan Rack, Literacy Chair.
Talk about inspiring...   Our speaker yesterday,  Janine Mosley showed us some truly amazing constructions she has made through origami.    
For the past 50 years, modular paper folding has been an increasingly important branch of origami, drawing on techniques often more associated with architecture and structural design. Where traditional origami works are folded from a single sheet, modulars are constructed from hundreds or thousands of folded units fitted together in complex geometric configurations. Dr.  Mosely, an MIT trained software engineer, has been one of the leading practitioners of this challenging artform. A favorite piece that she talked about was her famous Business Card Menger Sponge  (66,000 cards, 2005).  This was a project  she completed with the help of area school children


BACK TO SCHOOL DRIVE  Please join us in our annual Back To School project. Once again, Brookline Rotary is hoping to collect donations to outfit 20 plus back packs to help area students start the new school year off right.  Many local families cannot afford the cost of back to school supplies.   Brookline Rotary is collecting donations to purchase supplies for these students.  Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender and race disparity in education, and increase literacy. The Back Pack program is one of several projects Brookline Rotary supports to ensure literacy for children and adults.  Checks can be made out to Brookline Rotary and sent to PO Box 136, Brookline MA 02446. Our hope is to purchase supplies by August 20th so that we can put together back packs at our August 23rd meeting.  Members can get donations to Susan Rack at or before the 8/16 meeting.
It was with great pride that Brookline Rotary learned that Sabrina Zhou, a junior at BHS, had been awarded Brookline Youth of the Year on April 11th at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.  In addition to a solid academic standing, Sabrina was chosen from 61 other nominees because of her extracurricular activities including reporting for the school paper, an officer for the Asian Pacific American Club, and involvement with Steps to Success.  The selection committee made a point of acknowledging Sabrina's character and how hard she works to ensure her younger siblings success as well as her own.  Of great significance for Rotarians is that Sabrina was awarded a scholarship to attend Rotary District 7910 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) training last spring.  RYLA is a week-end program where students, from around the region, that are identified as potential leaders, are taught leadership skills.  Sabrina subsequently attended Rotary events as a volunteer. 
Another finalist this year was Paul Miller Schmidt, a senior, who has been instrumental in the Makerspace at Brookline Teen Center, and who worked with Brookline Rotary to secure a District Grant to purchase equipment for the MakerSpace.
Congratulations to Sabrina, Paul and all 61 honorees!
Art’s greatest enjoyment came from Rotary International. He joined the local Rotary Club in Brookline, MA, in the late 1950s, went on to be its president, then district governor and finally, a director of Rotary International. As a Rotary International past director, Art Richardson initiated the Rotary International/World Health Organization joint program, Polio Plus, a highly successful, ongoing effort to eradicate polio worldwide. He and his wife traveled throughout the world as he represented several presidents of Rotary International. The walls of his apartment were covered with photos of his meetings with colleagues in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe, and across North America. In the course of his travels he befriended prime ministers, presidents, and international leaders at every level. He took particular joy on the occasions of meetings with the actress Helen Hayes and with Pope John Paul. He was a Paul Harris Fellow and a recipient of the Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service.
  Brookline Rotary lost a member and our dear friend, Judy Moses, who was tragically taken on Sunday, 4/29/18.  Judy has been an active member of Brookline Rotary since 2008 and personified the ideals of Rotary.  She was a consummate professional who treated all with respect and fairness.  Her many interactions and good works built good will and engendered solid friendships throughout her many areas of interest including literacy, animals, and mentoring young women.    We extend our deepest condolences to her family.  Judy will be greatly missed by us all.
On March 29 Richard Segan was installed as a new member of the Brookline Rotary.  Richard has worked for many years as a volunteer with the Brookline Sister City Project.  He worked with Elmon Hendrickson (President 2016-17) and Claudia Dell'Anno (President 2017-18) and Susan Rack to create a Global Grant for Quezalgueque, Nicaragua, to bring clean water to the village.  Brookline Rotary partnered with the nearby Rotary Club in Nicaragua and with The Rotary Foundation to design and fund the project.  Richard is on his way to Nicaragua to oversee the initiation of the work.  We look forward to working with Richard on this and future projects both with Nicaragua and with Brookline and many other worthy causes.
The Rotary Club of Brookline Presents its  24th Annual Pancake Breakfast!
Great Fun For The Entire Family; for the Entire CommunityThe Rotary Club of Brookline will offer great fun for the entire family at its annual Pancake Breakfast. This year’s event will be Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. As always, the breakfast will be held at the Brookline High School cafeteria, 115 Greenough Street.  Come and join your neighbors for pancakes, music, clowns, face painting, and puzzles.  Take home a lasting memory from the silent auction.  Be part of this Brookline tradition!
Proceeds Benefit Brookline Rotary Charities.  Help us help the community while having fun.  Tickets available at the door.
This year, thanks to the help of Karen Jacobs, Shawna Carboni, Elmon Hendrickson, Target stores and the Boston University Rotaract Club, Brookline Rotary was able to distribute slow cookers to members of Women and Girls Thriving in Brookline and to veterans of the local VFW Post.  The crock pots were part of a Healthy Eating Program the BU Rotaract has been doing for two years now.  It was an extension of a District Grant that Brookline Rotary gave last year to Women and Girls Thriving.  The gift from Target was also another way for us to thank our local veterans.
On January 4th, Joyce Graff, Sharon Herman and Susan Rack, all of the Rotary Club of Brookline, joined 59 other Rotary Volunteers from the US, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Australia, along with the four Rotary Clubs of Agra for the 2018 Mega Polio Campaign. 
Though India is Polio free since 2016, they share a border with Pakistan, which is not polio free, and are acutely aware that they must keep up with immunizations.  Rotary, the Indian Health Department and World Health Organization have done a wonderful job educating the citizens and locals were eager to come out and meet the ‘visitors’ and get their immunizations.  The entire three days was upbeat, invigorating and completely rewarding.  In one day, we immunized 160,000 to 200,000 children and were made to feel like heroes.
During our trip, we were also shown two local schools that Rotary has adopted and visited an orphanage in Nepal that is supported by Rotary.  The need is great in these communities, from shoes to sanitation to furniture, and the work that Rotary is doing to help this next generation that is so deprived of what we consider basics is amazing.  Please join us at our regular weekly meeting on Thursday 2/15/18 at noon for our tales of adventure and bring a friend.
  A very fun meeting as our Boston University Rotaract President had us use our bodies to replicate photos from her trip to InterotoTapai 2017.  Sarah reported on her adventures at the 2017 Rotaract Conference in Taipai this past spring and then updated us on the activities of the Boston University Rotaract club.  We could not be prouder of this group.  Way to go Sarah and Rotaract!
See our Face Book page and BU Rotaract Facebook page for more photos of Sarah and Rotary "in action".
And a good time was had by all.  Thanks again to our community partner and David Gladstone, who literally stood with us as we informed Brookline that the fight against Polio still exists.  We heard many stories as local residents stopped to say their mother had had polio or they were part of the beta testing on the original vaccine.  Many more said they did not know that polio still existed!  With your help, we can eliminate the virus from the planet! Thanks to everyone who helped on Saturday.
The luncheon with our Sister City guests has become an annual tradition, but this year it held greater significance as we await Rotary International's response to our application for a Global Grant.  Edifice Roque, Laboratory Director for the Center for Investigation, Work & Environment, Medical School at National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, updated us on the progress of this multi-year project to ensure clean water to the area of Quezelquaque, Nicaragua.  Along with the rest of the visiting team from Quezelquaque and the members of the Sister City Project here in Brookline, we learned that we now have a greater idea of the source of water contamination thanks to the research already completed. Brookline Rotary's grant will help to implement the needed changes to positively impact the delivery of clean water and educate the local citizens.  This project will hopefully have a lasting effect on the health of the citizens of Quezelquaque.
It was another successful Freshman BBQ as Brookline Rotarians joined with sophomore parents at Brookline High School and  faculty and staff to welcome the class of 2021!  Despite the threat of rain and the window blown smoke, Rotarians and PTO fed over 800 as we welcomed one of the largest Freshman classes in memory.  Way to go team!
From the District Newsletter:
Dr. Zuniga is in Boston through June of 2018, attending the Harvard School of Public Health. He is a District Grant Scholar from District 4130 and the Rotary Club of San NicolasThe Rotary Club of Brookline is hosting Jorge, and special thanks to Host Counselor, Past President Susan Rack.  
Sergio Miguileti is also in Boston to study, working on his master’s degree in International Business at Hult International Business School in Cambridge. Now 23, Sergio was an exchange student out the Rotary Club of Sao Paulo, Brazil and spent a year in Indonesia. Upon his return, he joined Rotaract and has remained an active member ever since. He hopes to attend Rotaract and Rotary events and meetings while studying in Boston.
It was an agenda packed meeting on August 31.  District Governor Karin Gaffney and Assistant Governor Karen Whetmore joined us along with two of our five 2017 RYLA students.  Governor Karin Gaffney shared with us her vision for the year and her belief in the Rotary Spirit.  "Warning" us that Rotary Spirit is contagious, she urged us all to recommit to our motto of service.

Sharon Herman (middle) with our speakers, Wendy Wexler and Judy Hoyer, two local poets, who entertained us with their thoughtful and beautiful poetry.

  On July 1, 2017, Brookline Rotary, as in all Rotary International clubs, districts and International officers,  passed the gavel to the next leadership team.  Immediate Past President Elmon Hendrickson handed the club gavel to President Claudia Dell'Anno who then welcomed her team for 2017-2018.  Officers and Directors include: President Elect Sharon Herman, Secretary Steve Von Lichtenberg, Treasurer Hadley Weinberg, Assistant Treasurer Paula Kerwin, Corresponding Secretary Shawna Carboni, Executive Secretary Shirley McPherson, Sgt. At Arms Chiquita Rice, Foundation Chair Arnie Miller, Club Advisor Elias Audy, Ambassador of Good Will Bo Winiker, and Directors Marina Brodskaya, Ken Goldstein, Gloria Rudisch, Laura Allen, Susan Rack, Claudia Dupre.  Rotaract Advisor is Karen Jacobs and Interact Advisor is Marina Brodskaya.  Elmon Hendrickson remains on the board as Immediate Past President.

President's Elmon Hendrickson's Message
Please remember we have one regular meeting this week, Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7:00 AM - Brother's Restaurant and 12:15 PMBrookline American Legion/VFW Post

The Brookline Rotary Board will be meeting Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 6 PM - Brookline American Legion/VFW Post.
Our Guest speaker at our meeting on June 22, 2017 will be Robert Azzi - Everything You've Always Wanted to Ask a Muslim.
Rotary International President Elect Ian Riseley to address 2017 World Affairs Seminar - "Education & Social Justice:  Shaping the World You Will Inherit", Monday - June 26, 2017 at Carroll University.  All members are invited to attend.
Save the Date - Club Installation Celebration for Karin Gaffney as Rotary District 7910 2017-2018 District Governor and Mary Garcia, President of Rotary Club of Nashoba, will be held Saturday. July 15, 2017 5:30 p.m., Littleton, MA. 
Please remember to bring your food donations to the Post.
Upcoming Meetings
The next meetings will be on Thursday June 29, 2017 at 7 AM Brother's Restaurant and 12:15 PM Brookline American Legion/VFW Post

Consider Joining Rotary
 "Difference in language, history, customs, and environment influences the outward expression of Rotary, but the basic principles upon which it is founded and the objectives towards which it strives remain always the same in all lands among all peoples."   
Crawford C. McCullough - Rotary Club of Fort William Ontario Canada, October 1926
My next newsletter will be coming out on June 26, 2017.  If you want to submit any items, please be sure to give them to me by Sunday, June 25, 2017
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